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HP-081 Lights Out!


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Description of Lights Out!:

This video starts out with Hollywood lounging about in lingerie, eating cupcakes and conversing on the phone with a friend. Unbeknownst to Hollywood, Barbara (also stunning in hot lingerie) is standing behind her and not only hears the comments, but doesn't appreciate Hollywood helping herself to her cupcakes. Words are exchanged, and conflict arises as Hollywood slams a fist into Barbara's ripped abs and proceeds to choke out the surprised vixen. The battle starts out somewhat evenly matched as the two beauties each have their turn at the upper hand, slapping holds upon one another in an attempt to k.o. the other and gain dominance.

Unfortunately for Hollywood, her foe is not to be taken lightly and is in suberb condition in spite of her cupcake habit. Superfit Barbara regains consciousness, and directs her heightened rage upon our gorgeous babe. "Bad Attitude" sums up Barbara's disposition as she returns the favor and chokes poor Hollywood into submission. However, the enraged hot bod doesn't stop there. A prolonged beatdown is in order to resolve the cupcake issue. She repeatedly revives her victim and continues the abuse. Hollywood is on the receiving end of vicious sleeperholds and nasty chokes, all while Barbara tosses her about like a rag doll. Barbara's anger continues to escalate as she continues to sleeper Hollywood even after she is clearly unconscious. Finally, after Barbara gets her fill of inflicting pain upon a helpless victim, Hollywood is left sprawled senseless on the canvas. Barbara triumphantly, and with disgust, leaves Hollywood defeated, but not without her cupcakes. Get this one and see why Hollywood will remember to never deny Barbara of her sugar fix again!!!




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