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HP-599 Hollywood & Goldie: Bellypunch




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TITLE: Hollywood & Goldie: Belly Punch Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-599:

Hollywood is doing her sit ups in different variations dressed in her black and pink bikini when Goldie comes in and interrupts Hollywood saying "you better work out a lot harder than that! "
So they have a contest to see who can out last the other. Goldie starts punching Holly first, Next is Holly's turn to turn Goldie's abs pink! They go back and forth, fists of fury and hammer blows. Next Goldie straddles Hollys chest so she can't move and punches Hollys tight abs. Holly is having a hard time getting up from that position. They switch and Holly gives Goldie a nice belly claw To her middle section followed up by more hammer blows! Next they go to their knees and punch each other even harder! These two beauties go back and forth. Get this hot belly punching clip to see which girl out lasts the other!!


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