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HP-036 You're Dismissed!


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Approx. 8 1/2 minutes long , 44 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of You're Dismissed! :

Yvonne has been a bad little school girl, and now her teacher, Hollywood, has caught her picking her flowers! Hollywood has now had enough of Yvonne's antics, and instructs her to enter the wrestling ring with her.

Ordered to grab a chair, and be seated in the center of the ring, the lovely Yvonne does as she's told, but has no idea what she's in for! Hollywood is armed with a yard stick, and has every intention of using it on the blonde beauty, to teach her a lesson she wont ever forget. The teacher is relentless with her swats of the yard stick, as she smacks Yvonne's hands and feet with it. The blonde school girl is certainly paying for her being a bad girl now....but is the teacher finished with her??

Hollywood is far from being finished with her lesson to Yvonne. The teacher now gives the school girl a lesson in what she's best at, WRESTLING! This is lesson Yvonne will want to forget! Hollywood pulls out all the stops as she puts Yvonne through her entire arsenal of wrestling holds! When finished with the wrestling lesson of a life time, Yvonne is sent back to the chair again, but this time draped across Hollywood's lap, where she is giving a spanking to let the lesson soak in even more, to an already sore rear end!

When finally finished, the teacher states, "YOU'RE DISMISSED!"  



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