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HP-259 The Lover's Quarrel




TITLE: The Lover's Quarrel Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-259:

This video starts out with Hollywood's new boyfriend explaining how he wants to show her off to his old girlfriend (Coral ). It seems Coral had recently dumped him. Hollywood is looking unbelieveably hot in all white (bikini top, tied off shirt and a really short skirt!). Coral answers the door wearing sweats and looking rather dumpy. After apologizing for the surprise visit, the three of them sit down to an awkward silence. Coral is fuming as she sees this gorgeous new "replacement". Hollywood's boyfriend is called away, and Coral (knowing Hollywood is a wrestler) asks for Hollywood to give her some pointers. Coral's intentions are not good!) After a few warm up stretches, Hollywood shows Coral some holds: a headlock, full nelson, and while demonstrating the figure four, "accidentally" knocks Coral out. When Coral wakes up, she changes into a bra and panties with black stockings. She challenges Hollywood, and Hollywood quickly knocks her out again. When Coral wakes up, once again she challenges Hollywood. But this time she wants to move the match to a ring. When Hollywood turns to head for the ring, Coral grabs and chokes her out with Hollywood’s own neck choker. Now Coral has the upper hand and by using an object, knocks Hollywood out several times. But after a while, Hollywood gets back on top. But which girl will be in charge when Hollywood's boyfriend returns? The new or old girlfriend? Coral is a little jealous, but who wouldn't be if they were replaced by new girlfriend as HOT as Hollywood!!! Both girls fight hard, Hollywood being a little more polished as a wrestler, so Coral has to fight dirty at times!!! Both girls look incredible, and this video has a surprise ending you won’t want to miss!!!  Loaded with sleeper holds, camel clutches, & KO's!!!


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