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HP-590 The Surprise

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Description of HP-590 The Surprise:

As our favorite girl Hollywood (looking hot in a tiny blue bikini bottom and cutoff sleeveless T-shirt) excitingly reviews the guest list of a party being thrown for her, there is a knock on the door. It is Darrius with a "gift" for Hollywood. Totally unaware of the "surprise" some of her "girlfriends" have in store for her, she eagerly takes the "gift". As she opens it, Darrius clobbers her from behind, flips her over, and starts punching her in the stomach over and over again. Throwing her into the ring, he continues one of the most terrific beat downs poor Hollywood has ever received. Too late it dawns on Hollywood that the "surprise" Darrius has been paid to deliver is to totally destroy the "party" girl. He turns this into a terrific belly punching clip. He picks her up, throws her into the ropes or a corner continually just to beat her stomach raw. Every so often he uses a right cross to her pretty face to send her back to the to the mat, dazed or out cold. To mix things up he also tortures her with other holds, such as an over the knee back breaker, several abdominal stretches and sleeper holds. Once he even picks her up for an over the back back breaker. Hollywood is thrown around like the helpless rag doll she has become (a very beautiful one at that). He punches her stomach so hard that when she starts coughing, you swear she is going to cough up blood (she doesn't though). In the end Darrius tells her he was just doing his job, "to destroy the one that's too good for everyone." Finishing her off with an upper cut as he says, "Heres for your party," leaving her out cold on the mat. Nobody looks hotter taking a beating like Hollywood. The sound of Darrius' fist hitting Hollywood's poor stomach is worth the price of this video clip!!! Obvious, not quite all her girlfriends are happy for her!!

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