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HP-436 Crime Doesn't Pay

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Description of Crime Doesn't Pay:

A lovely naive secretary played by the gorgeous Kristiana has uncovered evidence that could incriminate a crooked politician (her boss). She foolishly brings it home. This word quickly gets around. A petty thief with a long arrest record smells a chance to make some easy money by stealing the papers and doing some blackmailing.  When the thief played by our girl, the beautiful Hollywood, wearing a green skirt with a long slit, breaks into the house, catching the unsuspecting secretary working out in her front room, while wearing a pair of sexy white hot pants. When Kristiana sees Hollywood entering the room with a gun she decides to put her head down and ram her. This tactic catches Hollywood off guard and Hollywood drops her gun. But when Kristiana tries it again, Hollywood is ready. She grabs Kristiana by the head, brings her knee up to Kristiana's lovely face. A second knee to the face sends her sprawling to the floor. When Hollywood slams her head down she is out cold. Hollywood ties the hapless secretary's hands behind her back.  Hollywood picks up her gun and heads into the bedroom to search for the papers. Once in the bedroom, Hollywood finds the papers, and stuffs them into her belt against her perfect stomach. But Hollywood is being pursued by a bounty hunter (played by Nicole looking super sexy in a tiny black bikini) her nemesis for years. Nicole enters the front room and unties Kristiana but is unable to wake her. Nicole rightly concludes that Hollywood has gone on to search for the papers and follows her into the bedroom. Hollywood doesn't notice her tormentor enabling Nicole to sneak up behind her, choke her while at the same time she disarm her. Nicole throws Hollywood down on the bed and chokes her out. Nicole notices and removes a small second gun Hollywood had hidden in a garter. After removing the papers from, she starts to read them, carelessly standing by the bed within reach of the unconscious thief. Hollywood wakes up and grabs Nicole from behind. A terrific fight follows. There is choking, head butting, leg scissors, until an uppercut ends it for the bounty hunter. Now Hollywood sees an opportunity to torture her nemesis extracting a little revenge. She picks up the unconscious girl and carries her over the shoulder into the dining room. At this point Hollywood proceeds to reign punches down on Nicole's lovely and vulnerable body. After tiring of this, Hollywood again carries her victim over the shoulder back into the bedroom throws the helpless girl her down and continues the beat down. Again Nicole passes out from the beating. This time Hollywood makes the mistake of dragging her by the hair back into the front room where Kristiana is waiting. After throwing Nicole to the floor to continue the beat down. However Kristiana clobbers Hollywood from behind knocking her out. But when Kristiana tries to revive Nicole she can't. Hollywood takes this opportunity to grab Kristiana and extracts a little revenge for her sneak attack. Hollywood throws Kristiana around the room and has her in a leg scissors hold when Nicole finally enters the fight. The two girls are determined to teach the thief a lesson she won't forget. Will Hollywood succeed in defending herself and get away with the evidence or will the persistent bounty hunter finally get her man? Watching Hollywood deliver a beating and then fall victim to a little two on one in a long skirt with a slit that shows off her sexy legs is worth the cost of this !!!

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