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HP-606 The Shootout




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Description of HP-606:

This Gun play, Shoot em up video Features Goldie dressed in a black bikini top and Jean skirt with a Leather Gunbelt and Hollywood dressed in black short shorts and bikini top with a black genuine
leather belt.
There are two parts to this video
The first video starts out with both girl facing each other, Goldie shoots first but Hollywood said she missed. Goldie shoots again and misses a second time. This just pisses her off and she goes for a third one, bull's-eye right into Hollywoods abs. Hollywood goes down and says to Goldie you want to see where you hit me ? she makes Goldie come down but Hollywood is playing possum and kicks Goldie between the legs! Goldie is down but manages to fire two more shots into Hollywoods abs Goldie is now out of bullets, and gets her second gun. Hollywood suggests they start back to back and walk on the count of three, But Goldie has other plans and shoots on two. Holly goes down and says "no more" Goldie is relentless and shoots again. Holly recovers and then gets shot in the shoulder. Goldie is out of bullets. But finds a third gun and shoots Holly in the breast. Now it's Hollywood's turn to get revenge.

Part 2
Goldie comes in and is looking for paperwork but Hollywood sneaks up behind her and shoots Goldie in the back. After two shots Goldie still isn't down . She finds it arousing. And says "bring it on!" Hollywood goes for another shot into Goldie's abs . Goldie says it feels good. Holly says she's getting pretty good at what she's doing. She likes the way Goldie squirms. Hollywood is now out of bullets and Goldie pulls out a hidden gun and shoots Holly. Holly thinks it's just a flesh wound and Goldie goes for it again and again And finally shoots Hollywood in both her breasts Leaving her out for the count.
If you're into hot girls and guns this one is for you!


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