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HP-592 Bikini Tickle Rumble




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TITLE: Bikini Tickle Rumble Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-592:

Francesca is getting ready to go to the beach with Hollywood.
When Holly enters she is wearing the same bikini as Francesca
They both say "Take yours Off now" Holly gets mad and attacks Francesca! She starts to tickle Fran, Fran is very very ticklish everywhere. Holly is especially ticklish under her arms and ribs not to mention her feet. This goes back and forth. Holly insists Fran take off the suit now! Holly scissors Franny and tickles her under her arms.. Fran takes off her top and chokes Holly with it. Then returns the tickle punishment. Holly finds the top and chokes Francesca with it. One of the girls gets in a lucky shot and Ko's the other, ties her up and watches her struggle.... Get this clip and see which one is left standing!!!


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