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HP-337 The Lottery


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Description of The Lottery:

Franchesca and Kristiana are roommates that have won the lottery. They decided to enjoy the day by sunbathing in bikinis in their back yard. Hollywood read where the girls had won the lottery and decided to steal the winning ticket. Her all black outfit really shows off her great body and lets everyone know she means business. She is heavily armed. She enters the house while the girls are out back and finds the ticket, placing it in a wrist wallet. Before she can leave, Kristiana enters the house but Hollywood quickly knocks her out. Franchesca, missing Kristiana, enters next. Before Hollywood can knock out Franchesca, Kristiana wakes up but the sexy crook has no trouble dispatching both girls into dream land. Hollywood decides to search the living room and leaves the two girls alone. They both awake at the same time and go after Hollywood but again she quickly knocks them out. Now the extremely confident crook decides the girls are no problem and continues to search the house for more money. This time when the girls wake up they decide to use a tainted cloth on the unsuspecting crook. Franchesca gets the KO drug while Kristiana tries to stop Hollywood. Just as Hollywood is about to destroy Kristiana, Franchesca shows up with the magical cloth and knocks Hollywood out. But Hollywood is not done, as she starts to move, Franchesca gets a syringe with a more powerful knockout drug and finishes Hollywood off. The girls search Hollywood's beautiful body and they find the ticket. They also find the keys to Hollywood's handcuffs and decide to lock her up. But before they do they decide to have a little two on one fun. They wake Hollywood up and take turns punching her tight abs as a workout. The gorgeous crook tries to fight back but is too gone and takes a beating. After knocking her out, Kristiana leaves the room to put some clothes on. Hollywood rallies and manages to surprise Franchesca, knocking her out. Will Kristiana arrive in time to save the day? Have the drugs slowed Hollywood down to where she can not possibly win? I think you will be surprised at the answers!! 



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