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HP-602 Ring Riot




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TITLE: Ring Riot (10 Minutes) Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Ring Riot (20 Minutes) Complete COST: 30 TOKENS

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Description of HP-602:

This prostyle ring match stars Frankie Zappitelli and Hollywood. The match starts off with the referee going over the rules , It's a three fall clean prostyle match They begin the first fall with a lock up, Frankie gets Hollywood in a headlock right in the beginning,  Hollywood then hair pulls Frankie but gets called out by the ref, Frankie retaliates with a punch that the ref doesn't see. Holly Applies a step over toe hold. Frankie will kick out and start taking control!  she takes the first fall. Second fall Hollywood hooks and throws Frankie onto the mat then arm bars her, double arm chokes her then throws Frankie in the turnbuckle and applies punches and knees. She then hair mares her back down to the mat for a lotus hold and a tight scissors They both illegally punch each other, Holly picks up Frankie for a bodyslam Then stomps her stomach. Hollywood then crotch kicks Frankie, Frankie goes down and Hollywood starts pouncing on her arms then throws her in a sleeper hold to weaken her opponent Followed by another hair mare and a three count pin Hollywood takes the second fall. Fall three starts with Frankie applying an atomic drop, a Boston crab, a figure four on Hollywood. Holly screams in pain! Holly reaches for the rope and the hold is broken. Another Boston crab is put on by Frankie, Holly does not submit when asked. Frankie throws Holly in the turnbuckle and slaps her. Holly chokes Frankie and then headlocks her. Frankie takes control again And wins the third fall! Holly gets really pissed by this and knocks over the ref and goes after Frankie they take their fight outside of the ring punching each other throwing each other into the walls ,mats, doors you name it...The ref tries to interfere and stop them but Hollywood KOs him out! Watch this video and see which one of these ladies leaves the other out for good!!


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