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Hollywood vs Jewel

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Description of Hollywood vs Jewel:

Jewel awaits the arrival of her foe Hollywood and she paces the floor quite irritated. Hollywood soon enters the room, looking buff as ever and towering over Jewel as she flaunts her championship belt. Hollywood boasts that she is stronger, taller, and just down right better than Jewel, whom appears to be in disagreement. Jewel request is simple: a 7 fall match with 10 count pins. Hollywood agrees and Jewel explodes out of her robe, revealing a tiny bikini bottom to be her only article of clothing. Jewel immediately goes to work on Hollywood's midsection with punches, hammerfists, and scissors. Jewel goe sfor a choke, then a bearhug, and more ab work.
Hollywood pleads a muffled whimper as Jewel smothers her with her breasts, then grunts as Jewel stomps her vulnerable belly. Hollywood is reeeling in pain as Jewel continues the punishment, then clamps a sleeper onto Hollywood fo the end of the first fall.
Hollywood awakens, but only to get further beat down. A vicious camel clutch elicits more pleading from poor Hollywood. This only gets her a nasty surfboard and continued battering of her sculpted abs. Hollywood squirms in pain as Jewel applies a body scissors, followed by another choke hold. The second fall ends when Jewel handsmothers Hollywood and she falls limp to the floor.
Jewel once again awakens Holywood as she kisses her belly, only to hammer away one Hollywood awakens. Jewel shows no mercy as she applies more chokes to a struggling Hollywood, then slams hard fists into her chest. Breathing becomes a labor as a frightningly violent Jewel smothers poor Hollywood. Once again a tight sleeper renders Hollywood limp and lifeless to end the third fall.
Tender kisses adorn Hollywoods sexy belly, but a return to awareness brings more brutality to the fallen vixen. The next fall ends as Hollywood is k.o.ed from a maniacal spanking. Jewel continues the onslaught, which appears to bring her pleasure!
Does Hollywood make a comeback? Or does Jewel maintain her domination of our favorite wrestling babe? Get this hot video and see for yourself !!!


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