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HP-510 The Hapless Arrest

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Description of HP-510 The Hapless Arrest:

This is another of the "Shoot'em up" videos that Hollywood has been producing lately. In this one, The lovely Goldie plays a crook trying to steal some money. She looks really sexy in a black bikini top and skirt with a gun belt tied low on her waist. It starts with her entering the front room with her gun held high searching for the Sheriff. Within a few minutes, the Sheriff, played by Hollywood wearing a white bikini top, skin tight blue jeans with a black belt and a skull and crossbones belt buckle, back boots and a low riding gun belt (of course) finds her. She points her gun at Goldie saying, "Put your hands up." She reaches for Goldie's gun and places it in her belt. Getting careless, Hollywood puts her gun in her holster and points Goldie toward the door saying "Lets go." Somehow Goldie reaches behind her and grabs Hollywood's gun (this is a great scene). When Hollywood reaches for the gun in her belt, Goldie lets her have it. Goldie walks away, leaving Hollywood out on the floor. In the next scene Goldie is seen searching for the money. There are plenty of "Up Skirt shots" as she bends over in hot poses. This time the Sheriff enters saying, "Hands up, turn around," then shoots Goldie several times in the back. This time the Sheriff gets to walk away. In the third scene once again Goldie is seen looking for the cash. When Hollywood enters the room, Goldie knocks the gun out of her hand and a short fight follows with the girls exchanging several stomach punches. After Goldie puts Hollywood in a camel clutch, the two fight over Hollywood's gun, Goldie wins and shoots the hapless Sheriff, leaving her out on the sofa. When Hollywood awakes and attempts to follow the crook, she takes one step into the hallway and gets blasted right away, again she lies there out. In a second attempt she manages to sneak into the bedroom where Goldie is searching for the loot. Unfortunately for the Sheriff, Goldie hears her coming and grabs Hollywood's gun. After a short struggle, Goldie tightens her leg scissors around Hollywood's perfect waist, grabs a gun, and shoots the struggling Sheriff. Hollywood looks super hot as she drops down on her back on the edge of the bed. She makes great background scenery as Goldie searches for the cash before leaving the bedroom. This time Hollywood follows her into the kitchen. Once again Goldie hears Hollywood as she sneaks up on her and is able to grab her gun before she can shoot. The girls circle around each other in a tense showdown. Finally they agree to put their guns in their holsters and on the count of three, draw. Hollywood counts, "One, Two" but draws before three and shoots Goldie. Hollywood leaves the kitchen thinking the fight is over. But Goldie is not done. She struggles to her feet, badly hurt, and searches for the Sheriff. Will she last long enough to plug the cheating Sheriff? Or will the Sheriff see her first and end it once and for all? Both of these girls are super hot and look fantastic as they lay there wounded. Lots of up skirt shots and even a few fight scenes with cowgirls throwing punches.

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