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Description of HP-842:

HP-842 "Anything is Possible"


This video starts at the end of one of Hollywood’s grueling ab workouts. Despite having ribs that have not fully healed from the series of brutal beatings she received in the Trap VII videosa bandaged Hollywood is unwilling to let her world-class midsection be less than completely toned, so she fights through the pain and does her normal thousand crunches. She is starting her cool down when to her dread, Jennifer, Francesca, Darrius and Duncan (the four who dished out her last and most ferocious beating before she went to the hospital) enter the room and surround her. The foursome was apparently coming to do a mixed tag-team match with each other, but are delighted to find Hollywood and seem ready to pick up where they left off with her.  

Hollywood desperately tries to appeal to their sympathy by describing her recent discharge from the hospital and herongoing painful recovery from the injuries they had caused her.  Unfortunately for Hollywood, the other four consider that to be a challenge to destroy her even worse than beforeand they launch an unprovoked four-on-one attack to her belly, face and aching ribcage. After a ping-pong face-punching session, Hollywood slumps unconscious against the wall.  The four eagerly strip her of her workout gear, leaving her bikined and barefoot, and then rush off to get weapons and other toys so that they can deliver another epic round of destruction to a now helpless Hollywood. This beating is all about several people punishing Hollywood at the same time – whether it is all of them focusing on the same part of her (usually her stomach) or destroying different parts of her in parallel.  

The team has a bottle of smelling salts that they use to immediately revive Hollywood after each of the several times that she passes out. Hollywood suffers through: beatings with hands tied behind her back; beatings on a folding chair and with a folding chair; a massive attack on her crotch while yanked into a double bow and arrow; the total destruction of her shapely ass in various positions; and an ungodly amount of punishment to her abs and ribs. 

At one point she is having her chin pummeled and eyes raked by one , while the other three are concurrently pounding her abs, crotch and feet with clubs. The finale is an exceptionally vicious 30 minute non-stop bellydestruction session.  We only see segments of that epic belly beating, but Hollywood’s entire abdomen is brutalized - sometimes by all four at one time – in a way that none of us have ever seen before. They only stop when the smelling salts can no longer revive her, and just like the Trap VII, Hollywood’s beaten and unconscious body is left on the mats to be at the mercy of whomever comes along next. Shot in a different venue than usual, this video also has a different look. This works for Hollywood, and her beautiful face and unparalleled body (particularly her muscled abs) look better than ever as they absorb an ungodly amount of punishment.  While Holly is conscious throughout, she is overwhelmed by their numbers and near constant abuse, so she is unable to put up much of a fight. Once again, her four attackers seem to delight in the destruction they are wrecking on their helpless victim, and they playfully joke with each other and taunt Hollywood as they annihilate her. If you like pure and simple many-on-one beatdowns, but on steroids, then you must purchase this one!!!



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