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HP-304 Battle Of The Babes


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Description of Battling Babes:

Hollywood makes a classic appearance in the ring for this action packed match. Looking as beautiful as ever, our favorite grappler faces the sexy Kristiana in what turns out to be a route! Kristiana has two huge problems: one is that Hollywood is well versed in ring wrestling technique, both fair and unfair. The other problem is that Hollywood has an interest in taking Kristiana's wrestling boots, and it's doubtful that that's going to happen with Kristiana awake and with her senses about her.
The two voluptuous vixens enter the ring full of verve and the battle is on. Hollywood is in her almost patented bad girl form and she puts it to her little hottie opponent. Kristiana soon finds herself the victim of belly punches, kicks, knees, and slams. Hollywood is relentless as she enjoys abusing her bewildered foe.
However, Kristiana isn't about to lose without putting up a good fight and she deals out some wicked punishment of her own. Hollywood finds herself in trouble, but works through it and comes raging back with an even worse attitude.
If you like one sided beat downs, then this is the match for you. Hollywood pulls out all the stops as she punishes poor Kristiana with vicious leg scissors, chokes, sleepers, and more. Kristiana is constantly worked over as she pleads for mercy while Hollywood puts on a showcase of wrestling skills that have made her legendary. The ring gets filled with high energy action, and two absolutely gorgeous grapplers. Does it get any better? Get this one and you be the judge!



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