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HP-059 Brawling Babes! Candi vs Hollywood




TITLE: Brawling Babes! Candi vs Hollywood COST: $32 ~ 32 MINUTES




Description of HP-059:

The lovely and talented Candi returns to Hollywould Productions! This time it's round 3 between she and Hollywood, and the heat between these two has hit an all time high! Hollywood's at it again, borrowing things that aren't hers, without permission. This time, it's Candi's makeup. When asked if she's seen it, she, while using it, of course denies knowing of it at all. Candi however ends up standing behind Hollywood without her knowing it, and asks again, while she watches Hollywood using her makeup. When she again denies knowing where it is....WHAMO! All hell breaks loose!! Candi nails Hollywood from behind with a kick to the back, that sends her flying across the room! From here a wild catfight breaks out! This being the third time they've tangled here, they each go all out to make sure they win, and inflict as much pain on their opponent as possible! Punches are thrown, and landed! Breasts are mauled with ferociousness only two wild cats could administer! All holds are used in this wild fight, and only one can walk away victorious. Though one does, she surely knows she was just in one hell of a fight, and quite sore after winning! 


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