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Hollywood's K.O. Revenge


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Description of Hollywood's K.O. Revenge:

Hollywood returns to the ring to face Robin and is out for vengeance big time. Last time these two beauties met for a match of this caliber, Robin gave Hollywood a pretty severe beat down and was merciless as she clamped multiple k.o. holds on Hollywood and sent her limp, voluptuous body crashing to the canvas. And now Hollywood has no intention of a repeat performance by Robin.
This is a must have for Hollywood and Robin fans especially if you enjoy one-sided beat downs. Hollywood assumes her ever so popular role of the quintessential heel as she pours on the punishment and mops the ring with poor Robin. No love appears to be lost as these two heavenly bodies clash in the ring.
Hollywood is intent on evening the score as she works over sexy Robin's body with her large choice of punishing holds. Robin cries out in pain as Hollywood delivers vicious blows to Robin's sexy body. This is followed by Robin's futile gasps for air as Hollywood gives Robin a taste of her own medicine as she chokes her into senseless oblivion. Robin's limp, sculpted body lying motionless on the mat becomes a common place sight!
But once again Hollywood proves she has no sense of fair play as she uses various sleeper holds to turn a bewildered Robin into nothing more than her personal rag doll. To add insult to injury, Hollywood ultimately humiliates Robin as she makes her smell her sweaty wrestling shoes. Robin puts up valiant struggles, but fails to escape the blackness of unconsciousness as Hollywood surely gets her "K.O. Revenge!!!"




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