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HP-643 Early Checkout



TITLE: Early Checkout Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES




Description of HP-643:

In this video clip, Hollywood, looking super sexy in a tiny black bikini (decorated with silver handcuffs) and black boots, chasing a very tricky jewel thief, the always lovely Sumiko in a tiny orange bikini. Hollywood has broken into Sumiko's Hotel room after spotting her near the pool. Hollywood hides and totally surprises Sumiko when she enters the room. After a short tussle, a right upper cut sends Sumiko out on her back. But is she out? While Hollywood looks for a rope to tie Sumiko up, the wily  Sumiko arises and grabs a magazine, then lies back down to continue her act. When the unsuspecting Hollywood returns, Sumiko surprises her with the magazine and clobbers the careless agent, sending her moaning to the floor. Next, Sumiko (always prepared) grabs a hidden syringe and stabs Hollywood in the neck. Poor Hollywood is now a helpless toy of the crafty jewel thief. Sumiko continually wakes Hollywood up only to KO the weakened girl with a variety of tricks including a "sleeper", leg scissors, a neck pinch, applying pressure to her temples, punches and even the rope Hollywood intended to tie her up with. After a few KO's, Sumiko tries to get Hollywood to spill her guts, but after telling her she is going to jail for being a thief, Hollywood clams up as she passes out again and again. Finally, Hollywood is able to grab the rope and tries to choke Sumiko. Has she the strength to KO Sumiko? Or does she remain just another toy for Sumiko to play with? Nobody looks better taking a beating than Hollywood. She knows just how to fall across furniture, showing off her fabulous figure just right!!! 


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