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To Catch A Thief


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Description of To Catch A Thief:

Hollywood plays a thief, who unknowingly steals something from a powerful person.

Unfortunatley for Hollywood, this person finds out who stole from them, and sends one of their top people to retrieve the item, and also teach the thief a lesson in return.

Pete, the hired henchman, enters, and looks around the house for the item in question. After making his way inside the house, he comes across Hollywood as she is relaxing and looking as sexy as ever. The thug smugly takes note of this gorgeous, hot-bodied thief, and with great pleasure he makes his move, and KOs her using a tainted cloth. As Hollywood now lies motionless and is completely vulnerable to the hired hands premeditated punishment, he then searches the room she was in. Not finding the stolen goods, and motivated by the fact that his employer is not very receptive to failure, he decides to extract the info from Hollywood, one way or another. And he plans on enjoying it too!

From this point forth, it is a one-sided dominance, squash beat down of epic proportion...

Pete continues to KO the helpless hottie, using painful and punishing holds, multiple times with a great variety ingenuity. He continually asks her where the item is, although the dastardly villain seems to enjoy the fact that he is not getting the info so as he may continue the beatdown.

Hollywood refuses to reveal anything, and takes it, but the punishment begins to take it's toll on her. After a bit, she finally gives up tells him where it is, desperate that he will cease the punishment. Pete reluctantly realizes it it time to put an end to this all.

He brutally k.o.s Hollywood a final time, but as he walks about the room irritated, he returns several times and delivers crushing blows to Hollywood's outstretched and vulnerable midsection. Limp and lifeless, poor Hollywood is unable to protect herself and the dull thuds fill the room with a terrible sound..Since she has been beaten so badly, and KOed so many times, will this be the last time Hollywoods final lesson? Did Hollywood make a fatal mistake by stealing form the wrong people? Get this high action video and find out!!!



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