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HP-582 The Super Heist

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Description of HP-582 The Super Heist:

This video features two super hot chicks after the same stolen loot. First Francesca enters the hotel room wearing a string bikini top and nice fitting jeans. They really show off her derriere as she bends over searching for the dough. Just as she finds it, Hollywood enters the room wearing the skimpiest of blue bikinis, black boots and packing heat. With her gun, she figures it will be a cinch taking the money from Fran. She sneaks up behind her and KOs her with the gun butt. After picking up the cash, she calls her "Boss" confident that she has completed her assignment. But, low and behold, Fran wakes up and, while Hollywood is on the phone, sneaks up behind her and grabs the gun. Imagine, right out of Hollywood's holster!!!! Then shoots the surprised crook with it. Hollywood lands, stretched out, provocatively, on the sofa. Now it is Fran's turn to be over confident. This allows Hollywood to get up and get her gun. But Fran sees her and manages to also grab it and the fight is on. Hollywood drops the gun and punches Fran. Fran falls to the sofa but a kick sends Hollywood sprawling. Fran then works over Hollywood's tight stomach, but Hollywood is able to retaliate by placing Fran in a leg scissors, managing to choke her out. When Hollywood grabs the money, Fran recovers and hits Hollywood with her knee, then returns the leg scissors favor by placing Hollywood between her gorgeous legs, choking her out. Back and forth they go, fighting all the way. Each one possessing the cash for a short time only to loose it. They work over each others' stomach, choking each other out with neck holds, exchanging crotch shots and using sleeper holds. Gorgeous bodies draped over furniture as each girl tries desperately to get away with the cash. Finally, Hollywood gets her gun but before she can use it, Fran grabs it. Hot bodies tangled up in a final test of strength. With the gun between them, a shot is fired and one body falls motionless to the floor. The victor grabs the cash, the gun and proudly exits the room. But which one? The bikini clad hottie or the girl in the tight blue jeans? A great battle worth the price of admission.

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