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HP-295 Arresting Developments


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Each Part is approx. 9 3/4 to 10 minutes long , 49-50 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Arresting Developments:

There's a new Sheriff in town and her name is Hollywood. Outside, and dressed in smokin' hot white shorts and white bikini top, representing the Long Arm of The Law. She is ready for battle as she suspects two criminals to be holed up inside their hideout. Hollywood knocks at the door and gets a bead on Yvonne, demanding the whereabouts of her partner. Yvonne hedges, and Hollywood knocks her out and restrains her, then goes to seek out the other bad penny.
Unfortunately, Kristiana is hiding and jumps Hollywood from behind. The two lassies trade hard belly punches as the battle is on. Kristiana gets the worse end of it and finds herself out cold as Hollywood restrains her also. However, Yvonne has had time to recover and she hides and bashes Hollywood from behind, allowing herself enough time to get free. Then, the two vivacious girls go at it, as they slam their fists into each other's bellies.
In the meantime, Kristiana frees herself and now Hollywood is faced with two adversaries, both looking on fire and bad to the bone in black. And both of which like to take turns punishings her sculpted abs with their powerful blows. As the bad girls go 2 on 1 with the good gal, Hollywood finds herself at their mercy, or rather, their lack of it.
With Good on her side, Hollywood is able to recover and dishes out some of her own punishment. Fans of belly punching, knockouts, 2 on 1, and absolutely gorgeous women with perfect bodies...well...Don't miss this one!!! The battle is long and hard, and selfishness leads to a surprise ending!!!



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