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HP-310 Hollywood vs Francesca & Lightning


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Description of Hollywood vs Francesca & Lightning:

Hollywood shows up as Lightning is showing some wrestling moves to Francesca. When Hollywood finds out that Lightning is teaching, she informs her that both she and Frannie are students and should not be instructing as Hollywood is the teacher. Words are exchanged and ultimately, Hollywood challenges the duo to a 2-on-1 match. Even though there is no ref, it is understood they will go by the rules. However, Frannie and Lightning immediately go to work on Hollywood as one pins her arms behind her back as the other lands blows to her curvaceous body. Hollywood takes the punishment and breaks free to inflict damage of her own, but once again gets overpowered as the diligent duo twists, pounds, and chokes their gorgeous adversary with a variety of pain provoking holds and techniques. Never one to give up easily, Hollywood divides and conquers as she punishes Lightning while Frannie recovers. But the moment is brief as soon Hollywood finds herself tangled in Frannie's perfect & pantyhosed gams. Hollywood shrieks as she is stretched and pummeled relentlessly. The student-teacher relationship continues to breakdown as everytime Hollywood mounts an offensive, she is thwarted by an explosive counterattack as launched by her sadistic students. Does Hollywood ultimately prove that she is indeed the teacher? Or does she become the victim of a merciless lesson plan assigned by her new mentors? Get this exciting video and find out!!!



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