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HP-329 Tickled Pink 2


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Description of Tickled Pink 2:

If you like gorgeous ladies , with tanned and toned hardbodies, wearing sexy bikinis and pantyhose, then you've come to the right place!

This is one hot video as Hollywood and Stacy go it it with a super sexy twist: along with the intensity of their grappling, tickling has been thrown into the pot! Watch this sexy video and you will see bad girl Hollywood work over Stacy's hot body with punishing holds, but suddenly shift gears and mercilessly tickle her all while keeping her restrained in a submission hold. Stacy writhes and shrieks, but Hollywood gives no quarter.

But we all know that Stacy has never been one to submit easily, and she too can be the queen of mean. Hollywood learns vengeance too when Stacy is able to get the upperhand, and then it is poor Hollywood that doesn't really submit, as she gets k.o.ed And Stacy then takes advantage of the situation as she enjoys herself and satisfies her little foot fetish on her k.o.ed adversary.

One hot video: don't miss it!!!



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