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HP-327 Ultimate Security System


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Description of Ultimate Security System:

With all the evil villains roaming about in the land of Webkitten, you would think Hollywood would need a fancy security system to keep the evildoers at bay.  But just as sneaky thief Tomiko finds out, Hollywood IS the ultimate security system!  We open to the sultry Hollywood (wearing a sexy yellow one-piece suit with sheer suntan pantyhose) on the mat in her home, doing her morning exercise routine, oblivious to the evil black cat suit-wearing thief Tomiko prowling about outside.  Tomiko is looking for her next score, as she sneaks in the back door of Hollywood's home, and makes her way inside. Hollywood is stretching on the mat and doesn't see Tomiko lurking behind her.  Thinking quickly, Tomiko silently grabs a small statue, and then bashes Hollywood on the back of the head, causing her to crash to the mat, completely knocked out!  With Hollywood asleep and helpless, Tomiko continues on to gather up the loot. A short time later, Hollywood wakes up, her head in a daze from the blow from behind.  Suddenly she hears someone approaching, so she quickly hides behind the wall.  In walks Tomiko, carrying her loot bag filled with Hollywood's possessions.  Seeing the thief that knocked her out for the first time, Hollywood grabs Tomiko from behind and puts her in a sleeper hold, slowly choking out the gorgeous thief.  Tomiko struggles but is soon fast asleep, lying face down knocked out on the mat.  Hollywood decides to teach this would-be thief a lesson, as she starts by removing Tomiko's boots, and then stripping off her black cat suit, leaving Tomiko in just her leopard-print bra and panties and sheer suntan pantyhose. Waking the thief up, Hollywood wants some answers from Tomiko, as she slaps her awake.  But Tomiko is a sneaky thief, as they both attack each other, struggling all over the mat.  Hollywood is able to control Tomiko with a lot of wrestling offense, and finds pleasure in inflicting some of her famous maneuvers upon the poor thief, including various leg and arm holds, pins, and belly punching!  But rest assured Tomiko is no slouch in the fighting department, and gives it back to Hollywood just as well, putting Hollywood in various holds of her own, as well as belly punching. Eventually Hollywood is able to put Tomiko in a sleeper hold, and knocks her out, as she lies motionless face-down on the mat.  Later, we see Tomiko waking up, and with no Hollywood in sight, she quickly grabs her loot bag and tries to make an escape.  But it was a trap, as she runs into Hollywood, and is forced back into the room!  Struggling and wrestling with each other, Hollywood continues to have most of the offense, as she discovers that thief Tomiko is incredibly ticklish on her nylon feet!  Anytime Hollywood has Tomiko pinned down or in a leg or foot hold, she gives her a little tickle torture, causing Tomiko to laugh and beg for mercy!  The belly punching and leg and arm holds continue as the battle between these two sexy vixens rages on.  Several times Tomiko is able to knock down Hollywood, each time running to her loot bag and trying to escape, but each time not being able to as Hollywood drags her back down. 
Tomiko puts up a valiant fight, but she's no match for Hollywood's superior wrestling skills, as Holly gets her in a reverse head scissors and squeezes the air out of Tomiko, leaving her lying knocked out on the mat.  It appears Hollywood didn't miss her workout after-all, as she picks up the knocked-out thief and carries her away.  We then see the knocked-out Tomiko sitting outside in a chair, still in her bra and panties and sheer suntan pantyhose, with a sign around her neck saying "Thanks for the workout!"  With a look of both anger and defeat, Tomiko secretly realizes it's true...Hollywood IS the ultimate security system!



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