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HP-035 Triple Threat




TITLE: Triple Threat Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-035:

This is a three way match between Hollywood, K.O.Kasey and Yvonne. K.O. takes it very seriously and is wearing a skin tight one piece outfit. Hollywood wants to show off her hot body and comes wearing her Iron Cross Bikini and high heeled boots. This annoys K.O. Yvonne starts off wearing a long T-shirt and tennis shoes. As the three girls start to stretch in their corners, Hollywood takes off and attacks Yvonne. After throwing Yvonne in a corner and punching her until she drops, Hollywood attacks the surprised K.O., throwing her to the mat and choking her out with a sleeper hold. Next it’s back to Yvonne, this time it takes a little longer to subdue her. Then back to K.O. Kasey. But this time Yvonne recovers before Hollywood finishes Kasey off. She grabs the surprised Hollywood and throws her into a corner and works over her hot abs pretty good, finally throwing her to the mat. K.O wakes up and now it is time for the two girls to get a little revenge on the cocky Hollywood. They do a little two on one eventually squeezing Hollywood in a tight leg scissors before picking her up and knocking her out with a right cross to the jaw. As K.O. ties up Hollywood, Yvonne removes her T-shirt revealing a tiny black bikini showing off her terrific body. She states, “If you got it, flaunt it.” With Hollywood as great looking eye candy in the back ground, Yvonne and K.O. go at it. But of course, Hollywood is down but you cannot ever count her out. She revives and joins in on the fun. Just who will come out ahead? The super sexy Hollywood? The now hot Yvonne in her tiny bikini? Or the professionally dressed K.O. looking good in her skin tight body suit? Hollywood never looked better, both as the "bad girl" early in the match and a victim of a two on one beat down later.


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