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HP-649 The Surprise Interview: Hollywood vs Robin




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TITLE: The Surprise Interview Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS 12:54 Minutes

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TITLE: The Surprise Interview Part 2 COST: 15 TOKENS 13:06 Minutes

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TITLE: The Surprise Interview Part 3 COST: 15 TOKENS 12:49 Minutes

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TITLE: The Surprise Interview Complete COST: 45 TOKENS 38:51 Minutes

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Description of HP-649:

This starts out with Hollywood, looking super hot in a skimpy gold bikini and gold boots, trying to interview Robin, looking equally impressive in a red top and black shorts. Every time Hollywood tries to ask a question, Robin interrupts, continually bragging about how tough she is, how she never losses, how strong her arms and legs are, until finally Hollywood stops her by asking her to demonstrate some holds. When Hollywood laughs at Robins headlock, Robin gets pissed and says she can beat Hollywood with her arms behind her back. When Hollywood accepts the challenge and again laughs at her puny attempts at kicking her, the match is on!! Robin strips down to a tiny red bikini which really shows off her toned body. But Hollywood throws her to the mat and wraps her gorgeous legs around Robins neck until she passes out. Now Robin is really angry!! She charges Hollywood and puts her in a camel clutch but Holly quickly turns the table and KO's Robin again. This happens over and over again. Robin starts out on top only to end up out on the mat. Hollywood amuses herself while Robin "sleeps" by taking pictures, using her cell phone, drinking water, etc. Each KO gets easier until finally Robin gives up. But when Hollywood turns to the camera to finish the interview (bragging about her easy victory), Robin tries one final attempt to prove she is the best. But Hollywood quickly forces her to submit again, this time forcing her to tell the camera how great Hollywood is and makes her kiss her boots before finally putting her out for good!!. This is a GREAT domination match between two gorgeous wrestlers who use a lot of terrific holds (many different leg scissors, school boy pins, breast smothers, crucifixes, figure four leg locks, camel clutches, face sitting, body stretching, etc.)


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