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HP-503 Hollywood Shootout

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Description of HP-503 Hollywood Shootout:

This a a terrific video for anyone liking a gorgeous girl in a sexy outfit getting shot bu gun play over and over again. Hollywood starts out in the back corner of the yard wearing a white string bikini top, skin tight blue jeans, black boots and a low slung western leather gun belt and holster. She never looked hotter!!! Hollywood hides behind a bush, then she a takes off toward her opponent firing her gun as she goes. But the pretty girl doesn't get far before a shot brings her down. After a short time, enough to allow the viewer a chance to admire her beautiful but now helpless body, she gets up and tries again. After a couple of steps and taking a few more shots, she is once again brought down by her unseen adversary. This happens over 12 times in her white bikini top! Once an arrow stops her in her tracks. Nobody looks better lying on the ground ko'd by a gun shot. She looks terrific roaming around the yard, trying to shoot her unseen opponent. The best scene is when she lifts the gun above her head, stretching out her tight abs, bringing the gun down to fire. But that's not all, next she puts on a hot black halter top and continues to roam around the yard, shooting at will. She uses doorways, bushes, peering around corners in an ill conceived effort to catch her foe. In the end, she exposes her perfect body, taking several steps forward as she continues to fire her gun. Thinking she has finally won, she carelessly places her gun in her holster and turns around, only to get shot in the back. When Hollywood tries to crawl away, her opponent continues to fill her full of lead until she moves no more!!! A great video as Hollywood takes her share of shots, getting hit more than 30 times and looking fantastic doing it!!!

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