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HP-618 Rebel Hollywood vs Layla




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TITLE: Rebel Hollywood vs Layla Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-618:

This is another in Hollywood's "Shoot-em up" series. Hollywood and Layla are sworn enemies. Hollywood challenges Layla to a no holds barred ring match. Hollywood, known to be good with a gun, shows up looking super hot in a tiny rebel bikini, cowgirl boots and a six-shooter (to make sure Layla plays fair). Hollywood is pacing in the ring when the video starts. Layla figuring Hollywood might cheat, shows up with a hand gun herself. As she approaches the ring, she slips the gun behind her back in her bikini bottoms. Layla looks great in a print bikini top and black bottom. Not knowing Layla has a gun, Hollywood foolishly turns around and starts to take her gun belt off when to her surprise, Layla shoots her in the back. But when Layla goes to get Hollywood's gun, Hollywood revives and the battle is on!! Two hard bodies fighting over Hollywood's gun first, stretching their tight abs as they reach for the stars. Hollywood wins this struggle and shoots Layla. But when she goes for Layla's gun, it is Laylas turn to revive and continue the fight. Back and forth they go. Just when one gets the upper hand, the other revives and renews the struggle. Sometimes the struggle ends up in a wrestling match with the antagonists trading leg scissors, camel clutches, stomach claws and choke holds. One moment it seems Hollywood will end up with both guns, the next minute Layla has them. This a great fight between two gorgeous and determined foes. But only one leaves the ring a winner. Will it be the dangerous gun slinger Hollywood? Or the lovely newcomer Layla? 


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