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HP-296 Boxing Beauties

Part 1


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Description of Boxing Beauties Part 1:

Shannan paces as she awaits her opponent Fran. However, a tanned and toned Hollywood appears and informs Shannan that Fran will not be showing up as she has been "taken care of". Shannan is very annoyed and when Hollywood offers to take Fran's place, Shannan is very ungrateful, if not belligerent. Words and pushes are exchanged, followed by a little bit of bare fisticuffs. Finally, it is decided by the two vixens that they will put the gloves on and go best of 5 rounds, with only knockouts counting as a round victory.
Then, the action explodes as these two voluptuous babes throw the leather and pound each others well formed assets. They hammer away at one another as a close fight ensues with each girl ending up sprawled on the canvas, their gorgeous bodies succumbing to the overwhelming barrage of punches thrown by their opponent.
This proves to be a close fight, but there can be only one victor. Both of these sexy brawlers are determined to win and the ultimate loser pays the price as she is left k.o.ed and then stomped upon for final humiliation. Get this exciting video and find out which of these goddesses proves superior!!! 



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