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HP-490 A Robbery In The Ring

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Description of HP-490 A Robbery In The Ring:

Mutiny is getting ready for a work out by stretching in the ring in her tiny bikini when Hollywood enters the ring with a gun and tries to steal Mutiny's boots. She is wearing skin tight blue jeans, black boots, a white bikini top, and a gun! She is one hot looking robber! But Devon (wearing black shorts and a bikini top) rushes in and knocks the gun out of the would be crook's hand. She then grabs the startled beauties' arms while Mutiny works over her gorgeous abs. After they switch positions, they let Hollywood drop to the mat and stomp on her stomach. The two girls pull the hapless robber up and throw her in a corner. After much more torture, Hollywood drops to the mat. This time they grab her and hang her over the top rope. When they place their feet against Hollywood's neck, she finally drops to the mat out cold. While they look for a rope, Hollywood revives and when Mutiny returns, Hollywood hits her in the crotch. The stunned wrestler is no match for Hollywood. She places Mutiny in a camel clutch, uses an arm bar hold on her, leg scissors and finally knocks her out with a sleeper hold. Before she can tie Mutiny up, Devon returns and grabs the gorgeous crook. But Hollywood recovers and body slams Devon to the mat. But, does Hollywood have enough stamina left to finish off Devon before Mutiny revives? This is three HOT girls having it out in the ring. Hollywood in tight jeans with a gun belt on is definitely a bonus over the standard wrestling video. Plus you get a little two on one (Mutiny and Devon against Hollywood) and Hollywood's expertise using holds on Mutiny and Devon. Will Hollywood get the boots or just a jail sentence?

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