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HP-651 The Belly Punch Championship:

Hollywood vs Layla



TITLE: The Belly Punch Championship Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-651:

This is a must buy for bellypunching fans! Hollywood & Layla don skimpy bikinis and face off in a brutal belly punch challenge. Hollywood is confronted by Layla, who seems to think she has better abs than Hollywood. Hollywood slams a fist into Layla's belly, and then issues a challenge! These two hotties then take turns punishing each others bellies in an effort to gain victory. The girls exchange belly blows whilst standing up, and laying down flat on the floor. They also place one another in an abstretch, and then drive painful blows into their adversaries outstretched & vulnerable belly. They also take turns laying over the arm of the couch and offering their unprotected abs to be brutalized by their opponent!!! Get this hot video and find out which one of these sexy babes survives the challenge and gains bragging rights!!!


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