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hhhhHP-876 Hollywood vs. Allie Parker




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TITLE: Hollywood vs Allie Parker Part 1 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 5.5 MINUTES

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TITLE: Hollywood vs Allie Parker Part 2 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 5.5 MINUTES

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TITLE: Hollywood vs Allie Parker Complete COST: 11 TOKENS ~ 11:48 MINUTES

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Description of HP-876:

Ok prostyle fans, here is another great match just for you! Allie Parker (looking hot in a white top and maroon bottom) is in the ring getting ready for her next match with Hollywood. Hollywood enters dressed in a green bikini and black fishnet gloves, looking as hot as ever! The two women exchange some verbal jabs and then things get real! It starts with a test of strength, which Allie wins. The two sexy ladies then lock up and Allie presses her advantage over the ring veteran by kneeing Hollywood in the stomach. Things never really get much better for Hollywood as she is knocked down, thrown into the corner repeatedly, choked with a boot to the throat in the corner and much more. Hollywood struggles to get back in the match, but is subjected to the Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, mutiple pin attemtps, knees to the stomach, legs scissors, hair pulling, a full nelson, and much more. Hollywood does try to mount a comeback, but is it enough to defeat this young up and comer?




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