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TITLE: Breaking Rules & Ribs Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Breaking Rules & Ribs Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1050:

Duncan is reviewing a List of Rules written by Hollywood regarding their upcoming match. He gets to "no choking, no breaking my ribs" and is completely irritated by Hollywood's demands. Hollywood bursts into the room looking annoyed, and HOT as usual, rockin' a pair of tight Daisy Dukes and a sexy cropped top! She lost the last match against Duncan and today is her "penalty". Hollywood has defiantly agreed to an hour of wrestling torture and is completely pissed off at Duncan's arrogance, as though he is doing her a favor!

The Rules are: One on One, no gang beating. No clubs, tazers, or other weapons are allowed. No choking. No rib breaking. No foot beating. No beating while unconscious. Duncan agrees to the rules, however he demands an outfit change: Hollywood must wear a bikini! But she adds that she gets to keep her shoes on. The deal is set and they head for the ring! Hollywood has changed into a little bikini and looks incredible (but doesn't she always!). Duncan sets a timer for one hour and immediately pounces on poor Hollywood! He slams her onto the corner and rains blows to her face and midsection! Hollywood is battered senseless and Duncan declares "Your rules didn't say anything about blindfolds", and he proceeds to blindfold our gorgeous fav. Then Duncan is joined by his partners in brutality, Jennifer Thomas and Kristie Etzold. The three now proceed to break every single rule established by Hollywood! She is worked over with clubs and her rock hard abs are pummeled, along with her feet, her back, her head, every inch of her! A tazer is introduced into the ring and Hollywood's body and feet are victims of the shocking device. While Hollywood is held by one "wrestler", the other two punish her at will. Poor Hollywood is rendered unconscious by a horrendous double choke, and of course is beaten further while she is out! The punishment continues until the trio is satisfied with their work as Hollywood lies out for the count, broken ribs and rules being the taste of the day, and doubtfully this being the last encounters of it's nature!!!



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