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HP-527 Schoolgirl Silence

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Description of HP-527 Schoolgirl Silence:

This video clip is another in Hollywood's "Shoot'em Up" shootout series. This video starts out with our favorite girl, dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, that is , a short plaid skirt, jacket and bikini top with shiny red boots and her gun, entering the living room. She is happy that no one appears to be home. She quickly finds the money she is after and sticks it in her belt. After a quick telephone call to her partner, she sits done to wait for him and relax. A sudden noise brings her back from dream land but before she can react, she gets shot and falls back on the sofa. Her assailant, the camera man, reaches down and removes the cash. When Hollywood wakes up, she talks directly into the camera, demanding her money back. But the camera man just shoots her and she falls back on the floor. This time when she awakes she removes the small jacket revealing more of her hot body. While holding the gun up high (stretching her abs tighter making her look better than you thought possible) she peaks out the front door, looking super hot silhouetted by the bright light out doors. However when she steps back inside, she is shot from behind. When she awakes she heads for the hallway. After firing a few shots, she thinks it safe to head toward the bedroom but wrong!! She is shot and falls back into the living room. Next she heads down the hallway and staring intensely into the bedroom, fires a few shots toward the camera. Carelessly putting her gun away, she reaches for the money, aims a few sarcastic remarks toward the camera, and turns around (a mistake). Once again, she is shot in the back and falls back on the bed. Again, the camera man removes the cash. This time when Hollywood awakes she grabs her gun and attempts to cross over the bed toward the camera. More shots ring out and down she goes. She makes several more attempts to get at the gun man, each time taking multiple hits. One time she ends up lying face down, showing off her cute rear end (the skirt leaves nothing to the imagination!!). Does the gorgeous schoolgirl eventually put the camera man down for good, or does the camera man deny her the cash she is desperately seeking? Either way, Hollywood makes the perfect little "Schoolgirl". The scenes where she crosses the bed and takes many shots before each take down, are simply TERRIFIC. Nobody takes multiple hits better than Hollywood!!! But she still reaches for her gun, in the end, just tantalizingly out of reach.

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