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HP-216 Hollywood Challenges Coral




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TITLE: Hollywood Challenges Coral Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Hollywood Challenges Coral Part 2 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Hollywood Challenges Coral Part 3 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Hollywood Challenges Coral Complete COST: 45 TOKENS 30:00 Minutes

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Description of HP-216:

Hollywood is exercising in her famous tiny gold bikini and putting her gorgeous body through the motions. Hollywood says she can beat anybody, and when Coral overhears this, she enters the room with the idea of contesting Hollywood's slef proclaimed title of champion. Coral looks fantastic in her sexy orange g-string bikini, and no doubt this will be a true battle of the babes! Coral calls out Hollywood by saying "Do you think you can beat me?" Hollywood confidently offers up that she could be her with her hands tied behind her back, and would gladly choke her to unconsciousness!!!
Very annoyed, Coral replies "You're on!!! AND, I think you're pathetic!!!" Hollywood is not about to relinquish her claim to be the best, and the battle is ON!!! Hollywood has the upper hand with a chokehold (as she promised!) and she punishes the big mouthed Coral's sexy legs with brutal holds. These two gorgeous gals go back-and-forth, each putting thier foe in merciless chokeholds, kicks, stomps, camel clutches, stomach punches, full Nelsons, waist scissors, and even a little oxygen depriving HOM! But Coral plays dirty with a vicious low blow, crotch kicking Hollywood and sending her crashig to the floor in pain! . From here the sexy catfighter Coral takes control and delivers severe beat down to Hollwyood's hot hardbody! Hollywood gets thoroughly worked over and brutally humiliated by her unrelenting opponent! Does Hollywood fight back and take control? Or does Coral wipe the mat with her and defeat her without mercy?
Get this hot sexy topless catfight and find out!!


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