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HP-526 Princess Diana in Trouble

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Description of HP-526 Princess Diana inn Trouble:

This video starts out with our favorite girl sun bathing in her back yard. Hollywood looks hotter than the weather in her U.S.A. bikini. When out of the blue, a rough cowgirl, the super sexy Randy in skin tight jeans, a black bikini top, black boots and a gun belt, sneaks up behind her with a magic rag and sends our heroine into dream land. Randy then leaves her outside while she enters the house looking for cash. When Hollywood wakes up, she quickly spins into Wonder Womyn and goes after the robber. She finds Randy in her living room. Randy tries to draw her gun and shoot our heroine but Wonder Womyn is too quick and subdues the would be crook with punches and kicks to Randy's terrific abs. Wonder Womyn throws the hapless crook over her shoulder and carries her off to jail. But Randy is determined to robe Hollywood and returns much later. This time she brings a hostage, played by the lovely Francesa in a tiny white string bikini and nothing else!!. When Hollywood sees Randy she tries to spin into Wonder Womyn but Randy stops her in mid spin saying, "Don't turn into Wonder Womyn, I have a hostage!" When Hollywood stops spinning, she didn't make it to Wonder Womyn, but only made it as far as Princess Diana (the girl she was on the island before she became Wonder Womyn). She is dressed in a HOT warrior outfit that features a long skirt, split to the waist, a warriors leather halter top and headdress. This is definitely a great look for Hollywood. When Hollywood begs Randy not to shoot her hostage, Randy shoots the Princess instead. When Hollywood drops to the ground, we learn that Fran is in cahoots with Randy when she reminds Randy that the Princess is immortal and will recover. Randy doesn't believe her but decides to carry the helpless heroine into the house just in case. She throws Hollywood down on her back on a coffee table as they begin to search for the loot. But when Randy finds the cash, she learns her partner is out for herself when Fran grabs her gun and demands the money. A fight breaks out between the two crooks. As Fran and Randy battle, the Princess provides beautiful eye candy as she lies helpless in the back ground. Just when Randy overcomes Francesa, after exchanging body punches as well as mauling each other's magnificent breasts among other holds, Hollywood wakes up. Thinking Fran is a hostage, she attacks Randy from behind. Now, there is a major 2 on 1 fight in which the Amazon Princess and the evil Fran beat up on Randy's gorgeous body. There are plenty of body punches as three super hot chicks in sexy outfits battle. But Randy doesn't stand a chance, as she is placed in a camel clutch, thrown around the room and placed in many other torturous holds and finally knocked out. She takes quite a beating. But when Princess Diana grabs the money, Fran turns on her. Will Hollywood turn into Wonder Womyn before Fran can KO her? Will Fran end up the winner? Or will Princess Diana take both crooks to jail where they belong? This is great new video introducing Hollywood as the warrior Princess Diana.

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