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HP-405 Kidnapped At The Photoshoot


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Description of Kidnapped At The Photoshoot:

Goldie is a "professional" photographer taking pictures of the lovely Hollywood. Hollywood is wearing a skin tight metallic gold mini-dress and hot black boots that show off her awesome body. Goldie is wearing a tiny blue jean skirt and a black bustier which definitely shows off her assets. . Goldie notices how hot Hollywood looks and continually makes comments causing Hollywood to blush. Finally, Goldie comes on to Hollywood which Hollywood quickly turns down. Hollywood then suggests that Goldie get a little water to cool down. Goldie, in return, suggests a break, Hollywood agrees and both girls leave the room. When Hollywood returns she finds Robin, a friend of Goldie's', waiting for her. Robin grabs Hollywood and wrestles her to the couch. Goldie returns while Robin is holding Hollywood saying she doesn't like to be turned down. The two of them then continue to torture the unsuspecting model. They use choke holds, leg scissors, camel clutches and many other holds on Hollywood. They even turn to using a tickle torture. At one point they put her in a Hollywood sandwich, that is , Hollywood's head between Goldie and Robin's breasts. Hollywood is pretty much helpless and nobody looks better than Hollywood as she struggles against both Goldie and Robin. After using more holds including a "breast" scissors and a lot of tickling moves, they force the lovely Hollywood to put on a pair of golden dress gloves. Then they choke her out. The next thing she knows her hands are tied together along with her feet .She struggles to get free as Goldie and Robin leave the room. Will Hollywood get out of her predicament before the devious pair return? Or will Goldie and Robin return to torture "their" model in even more devious ways?  



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