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Waylaid Weekend

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This Dvd starts off with Robin donned in leather black boots, Jeans, black leather gloves and a jean jacket. She just broke out of prison and is sneaking into Holly’s room. Holly is dressed in a black leather Jacket, black leather gloves, blue jeans and black boots is just getting home from work when Robin catches Holly off guard. They fight and struggle on to the bed, Robin cups Holly’s mouth to keep her quiet, she is trying to lie low so she can plan her escape.

Robin dominates Holly, keeping her restrained from behind. Robin scissors Hollywood in combo scissor holds with waist scissors, full nelsons, chokes, hand over mouth, arm bars, sleepers…pins, bear hugs, side headlocks, and breast smoothers and a few KO’s. Much of the time Robin keeps her hand over Holly’s mouth, so she can’t scream.


Robin sees Holly’s Car Keys on the dresser, and apologizes but KO’s Holly, so she can make a quick escape. Robin decides to make Holly nice and helpless by tying her up and gagging her, Holly struggles in restraints for 3 min. figuring out how to get loose and get revenge on her pal Robin.



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