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HP-724 Into The Void




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TITLE: Into The Void Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-724:

Hollywood gets a phone call to go out with her girlfriend so she is right in the middle of changing when he masked man enters her home.
He comes up from behind her and knocks her out using some type of hypnotism and then uses a tainted cloth.  She starts to stir when she is attacked again! The perpetrator puts her in some kind of a trance then uses his magic cloth Holly is out again
He returns to apply Chokes and Belly punches to our girl then cradle carries her and drops her to the ground where she is attacked from something evil inside the closet . All of a sudden she is attacked by something evil that gets a hold of her legs and tries dragging and succeeds pulling her INTO THE VOID! if you're fan of belly punching and one sided Beat Downs and Vore this video is for you


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