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HP-611 Steve's Demise



TITLE: Steve's Demise Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-611:

We see Hollywood dressed in a bikini bottom and tight T-shirt who has Steve tied up with his hands behind his back.. She is upset with him because he has not done what she has asked of him and he keeps talking back to her. This really pisses Holly off! She decides she will Take advantage of him and beat him down!! She puts in various holds like a sleeper scissor combo, figure4,HOM's.She scissors his head from side to side and holds it on very tight while putting her hand over his mouth so he cannot breathe. She starts punching his chest, And kicks him very hard in the stomach. She applies another sleeper Then tries to smother him with both hands now! She pulls his hair and starts hitting his stomach with both fists. She asks Steve am I too tough for you? He does not give her the answer she wants to hear. She applies a figure for headlock with a hand smother. Then applies a few leg locks!  All while his hands are tied behind his back. She schoolboy sits on him and covers his mouth/nose Once again. If you are into one-sided matches with a female Dominating a male then this is the clip for you!!


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