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HP-517 The Retribution

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Description of HP-517 "The Retribution":

This is another in the Hollywood "Shoot'em Up Series" where Hollywood wears a gun belt and keeps getting shot. After a humiliating loss at "Hit The Mat" to bad boy Darrius, where he beat her and proceeded to spank her cute little "butt." All during the match she kept saying, "I'll get you for this" even going so far as to say, "I hate you" at the end. Afterwards Hollywood went right out and put her gun belt on and returned for revenge. She enters the gym still wearing her tiny black bikini and wrestling boots but with her gun belt on. She has the gun drawn and cocked, ready to get her "Retribution". "Where are you Darrius? I know you are here somewhere, I'm going to get you back like I said I would for spanking me like that.". She searches around the outside of the ring, looking super hot with the gun raised over her head showing off her terrific abs. Not finding him, she starts to climb into the ring but before she makes it in, a shot rings out and our gorgeous girl is shot in the back. Now knowing that Darrius is outside the ring she attempts to leave the ring but gets shot again. Darrius finally shows himself, picking up Hollywood's gun, throwing it into the ring and then throws Hollywood in too!!. He then lifts Hollywood up and tries to hang her limp body on the ropes in a corner. Finally succeeding, Hollywood wakes up and takes a step toward her gun which is still lying on the mat. But Darrius shoots her again. This time he gives her the gun back and picks her up, putting her back in the corner on the ropes. When she wakes up she takes a step toward Darrius drawing her gun but Darrius is faster and guns her down again. Again he hangs her on the ropes. He teases her with her own gun before shooting her with it, then slaps her to wake her up. Hollywood suggests that they stand, back to back, take three steps turn and fire. Darrius agrees but then cheats. He turns around at step one. When poor Hollywood turns at the count of three, she is staring down the barrel of a gun and is immediately gunned down. (great camera work here as the view is from Darrius' angle). This time Darrius calls the cops to come get Hollywood. But the lovely Hollywood is not done yet. While Darrius is on the phone, she gets up and sticks her gun in Darrius' back. When she looks away while trying to disarm him, he draws the gun and shoots her once again. This time when she gets up, they stand face to face for the final show down. They dance around each other with itchy trigger fingers. But who will win? The most beautiful gun slinger in the west (our own Hollywood) or the dastardly Darrius? Hollywood never looked hotter as the gun belt makes her tiny bikini bottom almost disappear!!!! The gun belt really accents her perfect figure as it hugs her picturesque hips. And once again the sound of her gun then her body hitting the mat is quite a turn on!!

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