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hhhhHP-970 The Unexpected Visitor



TITLE: The Unexpected Visitor Part 1 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: The Unexpected Visitor Part 2 COST: $5 ~ 5 MINUTES

TITLE: The Unexpected Visitor Full Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-970:

Hollywood is taking a nap in preparation for a nice evening on the town. She is wearing a tight black top, sexy black panties, and pumps. She awakenings to a sound, thinking it might be John. When no one answers, she decides to nap for a bit more. But suddenly Hollywood is awakened by a hard belly blow!!! What was that??? Then Hollywood is thrown to the floor! She is being dragged by an unseen force! Hollywood's hair is pulled and she is slammed to the floor! Now the unseen force begins to punish poor Hollywood by pulling on her legs and arms. Hollywood's gorgeous body is being stretched beyond imagination as she suffers and pleads. The unseen force smashes Hollywood into the couch and continues the brutal destruction. Hollywood is pushed to the wall and further stretched when she receives another hard strike! Finally, when the unseen force has had it's fill, it pummels Hollywood with repeated strikes and slaps to the head until she is left appearing lifeless on the mats!


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