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HP-745 Protect & Serve (A Beatdown!)



TITLE: Protect & Serve (A Beatdown!) Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of HP-745:

Following the atrocious events that played out in The Trap VII - Betrayal [HP-741], Hollywood, concerned for her welfare, seeks out the advice of a reputable bodyguard (referred by one of her jealous subordinates). But, this guardian angel has a devilish mean streak, and he intends on schooling the desperate diva on “Agony 101”! Class is in session, and the first lesson is misery as the bruiser puts the hurt on Hollywood's magnificent body, using her perfectly toned abs as his playground of punishment & pain! Writhing in anguish is par for the course, as the beauteous babe is viciously ravaged and assaulted by the ruthless ruffian - a sadistic salvo of brutal belly bashes, kicks, chops, chokes, crunches, and crushes! This detestable teacher holds no punches, and our gorgeous gal is going to earn her BS Degree on Beatdowns – whether she wants to, or not! Belly tormenting fans, THIS is your front-row seat for Hollywood's taut tummy getting a serious workout! There will be a test (of fortitude)!



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