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HP-637 Hollywood vs The KGC



TITLE: Hollywood vs The KGC Complete Video COST: $21 ~ 21 MINUTES




Description of HP-637:

This is a very hot two on one video featuring the gorgeous Kristiana and a very sexy Goldie double-teaming and dominating Hollywood the entire time. Hollywood is dressed in a black bikini, boots and black gloves, stretching in the privacy of her home when she is ambushed by Kristiana and Goldie. Kristiana grabs Hollywood first and places her hand over Hollywood's mouth, while Goldie punches Hollywood in the stomach. They tell her that she is not going to the championship fight tonight. OR ANYWHERE FOR THAT MATTER!! Hollywood begs them to let her go. Always a scrapper, Hollywood manages to fight back and even KOs Goldie, but then is bombarded by Kristiana. The hot villain applies various holds to Hollywood's body, she bearhugs her, straps on a sleeper hold scissor combo and HOM's Hollywood's mouth to keep her quiet. But when Goldie regains consciousness, Hollywood is hopelessly overmatched by the two sexy villains. Goldie grabs Hollywood's legs and then places her in several headlocks for some big breasts smothers! These two call themselves the KGC which stands for the Kristiana Goldie Connection. They are relentless with Holly as they threaten to kidnap her and take her to another location. Then they tie her up and let her struggle. Nobody looks better then Hollywood as she struggles to get free. If you're into watching two super hot chicks dominating another really sexy bod with holds and hand smothers, then this video is definitely for you!!! 


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