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HP-709 Teeny Weenie Bikini Belly Punch





TITLE: "Teeny Weenie Bikini Belly Punch" Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-709:

This video starts with  Michelle Collier waiting on Hollywood. Michelle is dressed in a dark blue bikini and Hollywood in a black teeny bikini...
They are both going to the same party, but when Hollywood enters the room, Michelle tells her she's not going anywhere dressed like that!! Hollywood looks extraordinary as she flaunts her statuesque physique: from her long, shapely legs to her beautifully sculpted abs. Michelle is mad as hell, and she doesn't want Hollywood getting all of the attention! This isn't the first time that Hollywood has stolen center stage by showing off her gorgeous body, and Michelle decides she is going to give Hollywood's perfect abs a bit of attention...the wrong kind of attention!!!
Michelle slams her fist into Hollywood's belly and face. She punches Hollywood against the wall, down on the floor, on the couch, and back to the wall again! Michelle drives punch after punch into Hollywood's battered belly as Hollywood gasps for air and moans in pain, leaving Hollywood's soft skin red and swollen. Michelle delights at the sound of her blows smacking into Hollywood's abs! She just won't give up!! Hollywood ends up completely destroyed, and in the end, she barely is able to crawl away and lick her wounds! If you're into belly punching, one-sided domination punching, and watching the poor Hollywood struggle, then this HOT belly clip is for you!!


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