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TITLE: The Lap Sitter Complete Video COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1075:

Hollywood is sitting on the couch and greets Lady O for a session. Lady O tells Hollywood she would like to bounce on her knee like a baby! Hollywood decides to accommodate her, but she cautions Lady O that she'll be sitting on her bad knee in which she suffered a horrific wrestling injury. Lady O scoffs and replies "You can take it. You're a wrestler!". Lady O has a seat and begins to joyfully bounce on Hollywood's knee. However, Hollywood is not feeling the joy! She is feeling the remnants of pain from her previous injury! Still, Lady O continues her joy ride! Hollywood squirms about and Lady O ceases the bouncing, only to focus applying more painful follies to Hollywood's feet! Finally after she has had her fill of bouncing, Lady O exits and poor Hollywood massages her woefully mistreated body parts!



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