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HP-316 The Trap V


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Description of The Trap V:

Hollywood , Shannan, and Franchesca create another classic in "The Trap" series!

Hollywood accuses Franchesca of stealing her championship belt Frannie offers the belt back if Hollywood will agree to wrestle both her and Shannan AND the loser will agre to being a slave for one month. Hollywood reluctantly agrees, and while signing the contract, she is jumped by the two vixens. Frannie begins to strip Hollywood and reveals that ever so popular gold bikini (not to memtion that perfectly formed body also!). The dastardly pair begin to work over Hollywood's perfect abs with punches, kicks, and stomps.
Hollywood is reeling from the get go, and as Frannie pins her down, Shannan begins to enjoy herself with Hollywood's stockinged feet. Poor Hollywood is subjected to scizzors, leglocks, and more punishment and before she can submit, she is k.o.ed. Now Frannie and Shannan continue to fondle Hollywood's little feet. When Hollywood awakens, she suffers more chokes, punches, and camel clutches, but still refuses to submit as she is determined to get her championship belt back.
In the true tradition of the'The Trap" series, this is a one sided beatdown that makes you beg for Hollywood to submit! Shannan and Frannie are mercilous in their attacks and use countless tactics to subdue a bewildered Hollywood. Hand and foot smothers are employed, all while Hollywood's belly receives repeated fists and kicks. The two heels are constantly going after Hollywood's feet, and dispite her cries for mercy, they go uninterupted in their agenda.
Hollywood seems to be unable to submit, as she is repeatedly k.o.ed before she can utter the words. Then, the girls jump start Hollywood back into reality to continue the massacre.
Hollywood gets stretched out on the floor, held against the wall, bent over the couch, and in general used to wipe the floor. Her vulnerable belly is pounded repeatedly and she at times seems to be "saved" by smothers and k.o.s. At one point, Frannie even bites Hollywood's toes to wake her up!
 Finally, in her weaked state, Hollywood can't even fight back and she cannot even muster a submission. Hollywood's curvaceous body gets worked over bigtime and she is denied the return of her championship belt! For fans of The Trap series, this is a must have video as the girls really put it to our tanned and toned babe, and nobody can sell the role of a jobber like our one and only Hollywood!




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