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HP-603 Hollywood vs Frankie Z




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TITLE: Hollywood vs Frankie Z Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-603:

This was scheduled as a "pro" style wrestling match between two lovely veterans of the mat. But when Frankie (wearing a traditional one piece which still shows off her curves nicely) sees that Hollywood has shown up wearing a tiny gold bikini looking super hot, she becomes quite angry, thinking Hollywood is trying to show her up (although Hollywood is wearing black wrestling boots and knee guards). Frankie asks Hollywood to change but Hollywood refuses, confident she can easily beat Frankie in any outfit. The match begins with a test of strength. Frankie quickly jerks Hollywood's arm behind her back but just as quickly Hollywood reverses the hold and forces Frankie to the mat, easily winning the first fall. This really infuriates Frankie. She doesn't wait for the second fall to start, clobbering Hollywood from behind, forces her into a corner, climbs the ropes and pounds the helpless Hollywood until she drops to the mat, out cold. Thus begins Hollywood's nightmare. Frankie doesn't give poor Hollywood anytime to recover as she throws her into the ropes, choking her, flips her to the mat, placing her in a sleeper hold until she passes out. When Hollywood awakes, Frankie continues bashing our gorgeous girl all around the ring, showering her tight abs with punches, placing her in sleeper holds, leg scissors, body slams, etc., Poor Hollywood just doesn't seem able to recover from Frankie's early surprise attack. But she never gives up, giving lip service to Frankie till the inevitable end. The gold bikini really shows off Hollywood's toned and tanned body, but it appears she has upset the wrong person with it. How much can this beauty take? And as mentioned earlier, Frankie's suit really does accent her gorgeous curves.


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