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HP-334 Tomi Kat vs The Nylon Vixen




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TITLE: Tomi Kat vs The Nylon Vixen Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Tomi Kat vs The Nylon Vixen Part 2 COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-334:

This 30 min 3 part video begins with:
Scene 1
Sultry Francesca and Tomi Kat are sitting on the couch in conversation
Fran is wearing black pantyhose and a black bra Tomi Kat is dressed in a black catsuit and black boots.
Tomi leaves then comes back to rob Francesca's home lurking about her bedroom but
Francesca sneaks up behind her and KOs Tomi.
She takes off Tomi's shoes and starts fondling, massaging, kissing and licking Tomi's pantyhose nylon feet.

2nd Scene
Next we see Francesca turning on some ko gas in a room, covering her own mouth with a mask
she goes and hides,  Tomi enters on the telephone  and passes out from the smell. Fran strips Tomi out of her clothes and leaves her in her lingerie.
Fran again starts fondling, massages and licks Tomi's pretty nylon feet.
suddenly a catfight ensues with Francesca getting the upper hand she eventually chokes out Tomi.

3rd scene
Tomi is dressed in a one-piece leotard and is talking on the phone she is stretching in her living room,
Francesca sneaks in and decides she is going to take care of Tomi with a tainted cloth, Tomi goes out.
Francesca takes off Tomi's tennis shoes and starts kissing her feet then leaves.
A new day comes and Tomi wants know who has been doing these things to her, she confronts Francesca and says she wants this nonsense to stop. Hiding behind Francesca's back is a tainted bottle of knockout spray she sprays Tomi  in the face and Tomi goes out Francesca strips Tomi out  of her catsuit and goes to town on her feet. Does Tomi get away this time? Or does Francesca get her way?
This is a very old video shot in 2008 some of the audio comes in and out but the video is very good.


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