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HP-566 Goldie Taken Hostage!



TITLE: Goldie Taken Hostage! Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-566:

Goldie has nailed an excellent gig babysitting some rich kids. VERY rich kids! Whils she is sitting on her sexy ass doing nothing as the kids sleep, she hears a noise. Goldie figures it's the kids, so she calls out ot them in an irritating voice. But to her surprise, she is attacked from behind by an enterprising and outrageously HOT Hollywood!!! The sexy villainess clamps a hand over Goldie's mouth to muffle her cries for help, and it becomes apparent that Hollywood wants a piece of the action from the kid's wealthy parents!!! Hollywood demands to know the hiding place of the great wealth the house holds, and when Goldie denies any knowledge of it, Hollywood clamps a hand over Goldie's mouth and delights as her victim squirms and struggles to breathe! When Goldie produces no info, Hollywood refuses to yield and ties Goldie up so she can explore the contents of the house. The relentless suffocation continues, and when a desperate Goldie ties to lie, Hollywood is incensed at her deception and deprives poor Goldie of her precious air!!! After further deception and consequent punishment, our curvaceous criminal finds the hidden cash, and she taunts her victim with her newly found riches. Sexy Hollywood gloats in front of poor Goldie, then leaves her tied and helpless with plenty of explaining to do when her soon-to-be ex-employers return!!!


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