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HP-048 Workmen's Compensation


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Description of Workmen's Compensation:

Here they go again! It's been a while since these two have tangled, and Hollywood is more than ready for it this time. She calls out her unruly employee, challenging him to a match. Cleo is napping when she does this, and not to happy about getting woke up by his loud mouth boss. She gets his ears to perk up though, as she decides to make things interesting, and puts a stipulation on their match....

Hollywood has decided to make this a hair match!!! Loser gets their hair cut by the winner. With Cleo invisioning a bald headed Hollywood, he happily accepts her challenge, and climbs right into the ring.

This one is nonstop hard hitting action from start to finish! Cleo has learned a lot since their first encounter a couple years ago, and is playing for keeps this time. He has absolutely no mercy on his boss, and savagely attacks her with a vengeance!!

Hollywood is no slouch in a ring though, and she does fight back. As dirty as Cleo fights, she does the same to him, but mulitplied by 10! However, Cleo has a clear advantage in strength, and weight, so she could be in for it in this one.

Watch in amazement at some of the evil things these two do to one another. Cleo violantly slaps claw holds on Hollywood's breasts and crotch, at the same time! He kicks and punches her with all his might! When in trouble, he resorts to biting to escape her clutches, and that includes him biting her crotch to get out of face sits!!! It's also Pro Style moves galore in this one!

Cleo even resorts to a 5 minute tickle torture on his boss. Tickling every part of her, till finding her weakest point. This puts Hollywood in agony when he does find the right spots, and she's completely at his mercy then, till she manages to escape his evil clutches.

She now realizes she has to go to extremes to gain a victory, and to save her lovely auburn colored hair! She does this by going on the most brutal of ball busting terorrs you've ever seen. Cleo's nads are put through some serious torture! Claw holds, kicks, knees, punches, stomps galore for the veteran wrestler, who in no way plans on losing to her employee and his big mouth. This is without a doubt the most violent Hollywood has ever been when ball busting someone. Can Cleo hold on now, or is he doomed to get a hair cut from his boss? Can he turn things around, and buzz her lovely hair? You'll have to watch to find out.

Of all the videos these two have done together, this is their best yet. Very hard hitting, and brutal! If a fan of great mixed action that goes both ways, then ends violently, this is a must see!



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